Fairness Creams

Fairness Creams. The nationally accepted form of racism. The socially accepted form of telling a person he/she can’t succeed in life because they are not fair. No need to study and get a college degree my friend. All you need to do is spend colossal amount of money and time in bleaching your skin and Vola!! you’ll get a job, the man of your dreams, heck, the whole world will be in your knees. Ah!! This is what dreams are made of. Isn’t it??

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear fairness creams is Ads. So I remember this Fair and Lovely(a fairness cream product name) Ad pretty well. This add showed the father telling his daughter to get married to a rich guy who has a house(Hence Bonus Points!!). She however wanted to do a job. Her father didn’t approve much of it. And here Ladies and Gentlemen is where the hero makes his entrance. Fair and Lovely. Few days of Fair and Lovely approval somehow managed to not only turn her fair like a Cinderella but at same time gave her magical powers such that when she said the same thing to her Father, he agreed. I mean the guys who wrote, directed, acted, did make up etc all definitely were high. Right??? Right?????🤦🤦

I’ve always found obsession with fairness as a weird thing. People wanting their life partners to be fair because fair = beautiful and hence you can flaunt them. I mean why are you marrying?? To have a life partner you can share your life with or to impress others. Will you rather have a horrible person who is as pretty as miss universe or a beautiful soul with not so beautiful facial features?

And how does fairness justify your qualification as a better person for a job ? Will fairness write a software for you or will it magically cure cancer?? Can it do accountancy on it’s own or maybe perhaps bake cakes itself??? I wonder what’s the logic. 🤔🤔But this logic is somehow glued in people’s heads. Somehow presentable has become equivalent to fairness and fairness equivalent to beautiful. And mocking dark skinned people has become acceptable as a welfare advice.

Has anyone ever thought how a little boy or a little girl will feel when he/she looks at these Ads or gets exposed to this prejudice? It’s basically telling them that you can’t achieve sh*t because you’re not fair enough. That you’ll always be behind, never loved enough or taken care off. Imagine what it’ll do to their self confidence. This companies are basically living off by exploiting other people’s insecurities.

I am glad that some channels took the initiative to avoid these Ads. NDTV is one of them. And to all other distributors please do us a favor and speak against it. We don’t need to promote racism so openly. Also to all the people out there who aren’t fair skinned, You are Beautiful and if some moron can’t see it, good for you. You just got saved from a stupid person. Always remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A good character and hard work will take you to heights, beauty can win admirers but good nature will win you respect. Never ever let anyone look down upon you for how you were born.

Thanks for reading.

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