Moving out

Sorry for being M.I.A. At this point, it’s literally what most of my posts are about, not being regular. But when life throws curve balls at you, you gotta play the game rather than sit and type your thoughts and strategies on a mobile or laptop. That’s what I’ve been doing.

My college is finally over. Yes, 4 years of engineering is done and I now finally have a degree in a subject I barely know enough about.🤭🤭 I also landed a job so hurray to moving out of my parents house.😭😭 And as if moving out of my parents house wasn’t enough of a challenge for this birdie here, I also decided to move to a city where I know no one. 👏👏👏🤦🤦🤦I wanted to be in a city where there is competition instead to living happily in the familiar one because I’m an optimistic person but also a hopeless idiot who lives in a fantasy world and has no idea how to deal with actual human beings. I’ll consider every like as a prayer for me, Thank you.

Basically, my mind is filled with a lot of important stuff and therefore couldn’t come up with anything to write about and too occupied to ever consider reading others. I now check the weather forecast of the place I’m going to stay everyday for some reason, have already spent 3 days looking at the cafes and their prices, looked for theatres around the area where I plan to live, check it’s ticket price for each movie and browsed all the places I can Trek to and I’ve yet to make one friend because guess what, I’m still here. All the irrelevant things like packing have taken a back seat. I have clearly got my priorities.

My house’s atmosphere can be best described as confused. To be honest, I’m pretty sure a pregnant lady has less mood swings than what I, mom and dad are experiencing. One minute we will be shouting about how there’s still stuff to buy, next moment we are talking about how we’re taking too much stuff, followed by a general concern over my inability to take care of myself and finally it ends in all of us looking like a crying emojis. We 3 have always been like a unit, because of the nature of my father’s job, it has always been us 3 against the world so it’s hard to see that change. Especially for mom because now she has no one to scream at everyday.

It’s a weird feeling. Moving out. I’m excited to explore the new world, meet new people(hopefully more of my type) and finally have a social life. To explore the new opportunities and study hard to reach my goals. But, it’s also terrifying and sad because that means leaving a familiar city and familiar people. Especially my support system in my parents. Mom and dad won’t be at home to give me a hug and tell me everything’s gonna be OK when I’m feeling low. Neither will they be there to tell me to do my daily chores. No more fighting everyday. No more home cooked food. No more week long holidays. And now, I’ll have to take care of everything myself. Cheers to growing up.

Let’ see how life unfolds. Hopefully, in the end it’s more optimistic than a bummer.

Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “Moving out

  1. Moving out on your own is difficult but rewarding. When I moved out I loved it but coming home to an empty apartment was rough. So I adopted my dog and coming home to his goofy self is the best decision I made. Pets are expensive but they help so much.

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    1. Thanks a lot. Well, I’m actually sharing a room with another person so I’m hoping the emptiness won’t affect me that much. I guess I’ll just miss home a lot. It’s a different kind of empty.

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  2. I can understand the feelings but first of all congratulations on the first job and a new phase in life! May you get all the happiness and support wherever you go. You will definitely learn a lot and grow…..the only sad part is leaving parents behind and being devoid of their love…but cant do much about it…have to leave one day…just make sure to keep visiting them often as much as possible…you being happy and being able to support yourself will give them a lot of satisfaction and happiness!! They will be proud of you and that feeling in their eyes will give you immense strength and support!! Best of luck!! 👍🏻

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  3. Many congratulations on your Engineering and your new job. Wish you all the best for your new phase in life. I absolutely loved reading this blog – your emotions, your thoughts, because this is what I go through as well most of the times 😀 Cheers!


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