The Chosen One

New year's had a whole different meaning as a kid. I wasn't about drinks or parties but it meant Papa's going to get a lot of new diaries. And guess who's going to leave her stamp in all of them. Yup! This GIRL. Each day when he used to come home from office, I would … Continue reading The Chosen One



By now you all must have read hundreds of posts of the type new year, new me. You might as well have created one. It might read something like ExercisingEating healthyBeing organisedLess social mediaSome travel plansLoving yourself moreBlah Blah Blah Here's the thing about those plans. You'll break most of it. I know for a … Continue reading Changes


Transferable jobs. It guarantees one thing, you'll never feel like you're home. Because home changes every 2-3 years. It also warrants that making lifelong friendships is hard as you'll never be a permanent resident of any city. But it also allows you to experience festivals and cultures in a very personal and in depth way. … Continue reading Festival


I know I've not been reading any posts and haven't been posting any too. I want to be more consistent but I'm in my final year of college and it's exams time, practical exams time, competitive exam preparation, job searching and a whole lot of other things to figure out. And I need to focus … Continue reading Update