I am a girl living in India pursuing Engineering. It’s not my big aim in life to become a world class engineer. I do love my subject though. But the main reason I am doing it is to earn enough to be able to go to Wizard World of Harry Potter and Hobbiton. And then there’s food, clothes and house too 😛 .

Wizarding World

I obsess over all things fantasy like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Comic Book Movies and Pani Puri(An Indian Street Food). I also like to pretend like I am the most chilled person but any Legilimen like Queenie from Fantastic Beasts will tell you otherwise. My obsession with over thinking the hell out a situation comes from an empty mind and hence I decided to make use of my brain to do something other than living in Middle earth, Wizarding World and my endless mirage of worries . 

So that’s how this blog came into being. A decision to write what I think and think better and productive. And also hoping to read more from not just like-minded people but also people with different perspective in life. Because after all, life is all about growth. 

Thanks for reading.



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