Lyrics Style |3 days Quote Challenge|Day 1

Hmm.. Quoting songs for 3 days. Sounds like my kind of challenge. And therefore first of all I’ll like to thank Bittermarshmellows for nominating me for this challenge. She posts amazing content everyday. Her Slash series is amazing. Do check her out. Here are the Rules for the challenge : 1. Thank the person who…… Continue reading Lyrics Style |3 days Quote Challenge|Day 1

A Summer memory

So it’s summer time and I’ve visited my maternal grandmother’s house for vacations. This used to be a constant ritual in summers during childhood and one that I longed for since the moment I used to come back home. After all it meant meeting my cousins. And for someone who’s a single child, my cousins…… Continue reading A Summer memory

Confessions of an Average shopper

Shopping: the word that makes the guys wish they would rather have their names written on Deathnote and the word that makes the girls swoon more than Ryan Gosling. At least that’s what the society makes me believe. My opinion, it’s an action that leaves you in life crisis. Never has there been a person…… Continue reading Confessions of an Average shopper

Putting people under same blanket.

We are all different. A simple statement that speaks volumes. I love Pani Puri and I know people who don’t. There are some who hate Chinese. A concept alien to me but I’ll give it to them. To each it’s own. We are not born same, we don’t look same, we don’t dress same and…… Continue reading Putting people under same blanket.