To all the playlists/music that saved us.

I don’t think anyone needs any updates on what a crazy year it has been. For us, late march was when cases really started to pick up and lockdown was declared in the country. I, like countless others, had to leave my friends and my life in a city I had grown to love and come back home. Luckily, my work did provide me with the benefits of WFH and I’ll forever be grateful for having a job in these tough times. But, when you are used to a life where you have roommates and therefore are never alone, where you are used to see all your co-workers everyday and used to all the laughs and jokes during each lunch and tea/coffee breaks, planning out trips keeping in mind the budgets and in general planning a budget, living life in a room fully belonging to you and money being saved because of no need of paying rent or go on trips doesn’t seem like a boon but rather a bane.

For all the misery that the past 12 months brought, I’m truly thankful of all the music that was present to comfort me. For all the office playlists which filled up my rather silent room and kept my spirits high, for all those travel songs that transported me to all the places I planned on going and even more, for the songs that gave me the chill summer vibes of having fun in the mall, to the cozy rainy day songs which reminded me of the cloudy hills I used to see on my way to work(Although I’m a little thankful for not having to deal with reaching my office half soaked and then surviving the whole damn day in that cold AC), to the winter playlists that gave me all the warmth I need to feel loved(Not that the place where I lived had much of a winter but you get the point), I’m thankful for all of them.

I’m also thankful to all those who took time from their lives to create these playlists for people like me. Shoutout to alexxrainbirdmusic and their playlists for saving me from my over-thinking mind. Their playlists have some great indie songs which are right up my ally.

No music appreciation post would be complete without the mention of Taylor Swift’s Folklore album. That whole album is honestly is a masterpiece. Girl literally transported me to to a different world each time and I loved all of it. I never thought anyone can top that and then she came back with Evermore. Willow made he wish I could just travel to Shire and enjoy a good meal cooked by the Hobbitons and enjoy the life.

And then comes to all the k-pop. Well as someone who has always been a k-pop listener, I’m more grateful of my favorite group EXO these last 12 months for always being in high spirits and keeping my energy high as well. Watching them dance with all the energy did make me get up and keep my exercise routine in check. I literally aspire to have half their stamina in life and considering how they aren’t that older, it was a great motivation to keep pushing. Listening to most of their songs in the morning did help me get out of bed and get started with my day as well.

I would love to know which artists you guys listened to and who made your life better.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “To all the playlists/music that saved us.

  1. Wao, I mean I had to go from same phase, u know it was so relatable like I’m a medical coder & had to WFH nd I also missed those things which we usually do in office, cafeteria, the song which plays in office… 😇


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