Putting people under same blanket.

We are all different. A simple statement that speaks volumes. I love Pani Puri and I know people who don’t. There are some who hate Chinese. A concept alien to me but I’ll give it to them. To each it’s own. We are not born same, we don’t look same, we don’t dress same and…… Continue reading Putting people under same blanket.

Hey Over-thinker!! Let’s overthink together

Thinking Gorilla┬á ­čśŤ So, here I am back again to blogging after days. Oops!! Months! Wait! Let me check if it’s been just months or an year. Nah, just months. Lots of them. So why now??? What where you up to?? Well, that’s a stupid question to ask. To be honest most of us blog…… Continue reading Hey Over-thinker!! Let’s overthink together