Transferable jobs. It guarantees one thing, you’ll never feel like you’re home. Because home changes every 2-3 years. It also warrants that making lifelong friendships is hard as you’ll never be a permanent resident of any city. But it also allows you to experience festivals and cultures in a very personal and in depth way.…… Continue reading Festival

It’s mah Birthday

It’s my birthday. Cue the dance. Today is the day my mother birthed me into this world. Let’s appreciate the effort and applaud for her as well. Now let’s move to the thoughtfulness. One thing I realized whenever it’s anyone’s birthday is the build up leading to it. You count down days to your birthday,…… Continue reading It’s mah Birthday

Why I can’t seem to wake up early??

If you repeat something over and over to yourself, your subconscious mind will eventually begin to accept it. Yeah right!!! If I truly tell myself that I can wake up in the morning everyday, my subconscious will, I suppose, accept it and I’ll be able to wake up. Right??? Well then why is it that…… Continue reading Why I can’t seem to wake up early??

Girls School Experience: Inches below your knees

I remember the first day in All Girls School in 8th grade. Pretty weird feeling if you ask me. I’ve been to one in first grade, so the memories are as good as someone’s who’s been drunk all night trying to recall what happened. The entire concept felt less like a school and more like…… Continue reading Girls School Experience: Inches below your knees

A Summer memory

So it’s summer time and I’ve visited my maternal grandmother’s house for vacations. This used to be a constant ritual in summers during childhood and one that I longed for since the moment I used to come back home. After all it meant meeting my cousins. And for someone who’s a single child, my cousins…… Continue reading A Summer memory

Putting people under same blanket.

We are all different. A simple statement that speaks volumes. I love Pani Puri and I know people who don’t. There are some who hate Chinese. A concept alien to me but I’ll give it to them. To each it’s own. We are not born same, we don’t look same, we don’t dress same and…… Continue reading Putting people under same blanket.

My Happiness Killer

Happiness. It’s the one word that makes itself to everyone’s wish list. One feeling that everyone seems to have an endless appetite for. With description like this you would expect the whole world will work together to achieve it. Well forget world, at least we ourselves will work towards achieving it. But no, we don’t.…… Continue reading My Happiness Killer

Going to my first concert alone

Ever since I started living in Ahmedabad, I’ve wanted to go to a concert. But concerts are a group activity and none of my friends seem to take interest in spending colossal amount of money as they say 😝, to listen to someone they don’t like that much. But when I saw that my favourite…… Continue reading Going to my first concert alone