Each day I think I know what I want and who I am. But something happens and makes me question my beliefs. Some say I should not overthink everything through and yet I have sleepless nights wondering why I said yes and why I said no. Why I feel something is right and why I…… Continue reading Wondering



I know I’ve not been reading any posts and haven’t been posting any too. I want to be more consistent but I’m in my final year of college and it’s exams time, practical exams time, competitive exam preparation, job searching and a whole lot of other things to figure out. And I need to focus…… Continue reading Update

My opinion, the right opinion.

Twitter. A platform which gives every person the superpower to carry out baseless arguments with full confidence. Any fact loving person should stay away from it. Better try quora. So if anyone has seen my previous posts they’ll know I’m all about World Cup these days. This draught is my post or interaction probably comes…… Continue reading My opinion, the right opinion.

Lyrics Style |3 days Quote Challenge|Day 1

Hmm.. Quoting songs for 3 days. Sounds like my kind of challenge. And therefore first of all I’ll like to thank Bittermarshmellows for nominating me for this challenge. She posts amazing content everyday. Her Slash series is amazing. Do check her out. Here are the Rules for the challenge : 1. Thank the person who…… Continue reading Lyrics Style |3 days Quote Challenge|Day 1