Old Camera

I love my childhood photos. There’s not one single photo where I don’t look cute and the best. Heck, everyone in those photos looks awesome. The framing is perfect, the tone is set right, the brightness is just how it should be. And the moment looks very lived. The emotions I feel when I look back at them are priceless.

Ironically, as the cameras became better and better the quality of these photos became worse. Pretty much every photo has to be worked upon to improve the tone and brightness and cropped to make a perfect frame. They now look more and more fabricated. Now all I see is the imperfections.

I miss those old cameras. Some Gem they were. They captured us perfectly.

Thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “Old Camera

  1. I love this post! And perhaps I am reading far deeper than intended, but I definitely see this as a comparison to our current society. As we strive for better and better, we often lose what was beautiful about the old.

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    1. Absolutely. While I do believe that somethings are better now than they were before, our strive for a better society has sometimes also lead to a lose of peace and harmony. There needs to be a balance which is lost.

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    1. On a contrary I feel like we spend way too much the thinking about how we look in a photo now. Earlier all we cared for was to be in a photo as there were only 24 in each roll.


  2. Such a beautiful post Lavanya! And soo true! There was nothing in those old cameras but still what they captured was priceless and perfect….they had reels in them which were very limited so we had to be pretty much sure what we want to capture hence we ended up with few but perfect photos…..everyone trying to be the best…also the faces looked calm and peaceful and happy back then…now it’s all tense moments and fake smiles to present to the world….and today it’s an avalanche of photos making it hard to find the perfect ones which are real without any digital modifications…
    Another thing is earlier we had so many moments to capture but limited camera options, now we have smart cameras but such moments are rare.

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