Religious Confusions

Warning: This post may contain opinions that can cause severe anger and anxiety to extremely religious people. Kindly proceed at your own risk.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been told the stories of Ramayama and Mahabharata. Every big Pooja always ends with what is called a Katha(Story). A story about why to pray a certain God. You see, you pray Goddess Lakshmi for wealth, Goddess Saraswati for knowledge, Lord Vishnu to protect and so on. Hinduism is filled with many Gods. And the life of each of the God and Goddess have some of the most fascinating stories and lessons to offer. Pretty sure that’s true for every religion. God comes to Earth during the time of suffering and war, aaand through his knowledge and wisdom eradicates all evil and restores peace. He provide us with set of rules or mantras to ensure that peace and harmony stays in the society. If any God says otherwise kindly comment.

Yet, as I’ve grown the only thing that I have ever heard from news is all the distress the followers of these religions cause. Some will blame it on media, citing that there are various instanes like religious places offering food, clothing and shelter during need as an example. True, there is no denying that religion at it’s best is a great thing but that’s not what we see everyday now do we? I personally always see extremely religious people telling me how my way of living is sinful, or how my opinions are against Gods wishes or how I’ll be punished by God for all these deeds. How, celebrating Christmas and supporting Muslims makes me less of a Hindu and how I should be wearing a Bindi always. The entire follow every word of the Bible people to those complaining about Sharia law to the Ram mandir fanatics, at what point are they helping with establishing peace???

From what I can see every religion preaches a certain lifestyle and everyone who follows a said religion is expected to abide by it. The Holy books help in defining the rules of the said lifestyle. And the rules were created by God. But rules existed before God’s reincarnation came to save us, right?? There was a time before Lord Rama. And a time before Lord Krishna. And a time before Lord Jesus, right?? There were rules and established communities and everything else as usual. All these Gods came to Earth, saw our misery and based on what they saw made changes in the rules so that people could live in peace and harmony. At least that’s what I got from these stories. When we say God made rules I think we forget that rules always existed. The correct way to put it will be that God refined these rules based of the then community to ensure peace is restored.

And yet I feel we miss the whole point of it. We only follow the rules blindly as an ultimatum and never understand the purpose of why God made them. Personally, I believe God always believed in progression. Every story is about how God told people to change their old ways as they are wrong. Then why can’t we understand that now?? Why is it that changing the old ways is considered against God when God himself always promoted change?? Wasn’t the whole reason of creating rules done for the sake of harmony? Any pre-existing rule that interfered with harmony was changed right? So why not do it now as well?? It’s like we follow the rules but forgot the idea behind it completely. Talk about learning a textbook by heart and yet not undertanding a word.

And please don’t come at me with the ‘so if something is evil should we accept it for the sake of peace’ and point to abortion and LGBTQ+. If that is your stance, I can’t help you. That’s a topic for another blog. All I know is that I find it hard to follow any religion where I am expected to follow something without being given a proper reason. And it’s hard to feel at peace when change is supressed in the name of Holy Books and rules. Don’t tell me your religion is any better. Trust me all religions are equally good but it’s people who think their religion and God is superior make it harder to like it or follow Him/Her.

Would love to know your thoughts. I’m not completely clear with my own thoughts because it’s hard for me to explain it properly but I hope I conveyed the direction in which my thoughts lead.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Religious Confusions

  1. According to me religion is always confusing, at lest it has been for me. and all my life I have seen people using ‘religion’ according to their convenience. I am not saying I am right or wrong, but as far as my knowledge goes, humans have started using religion and god to their advantage, forgetting the whole point of humanity somewhere in between.

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    1. I completely agree. Religion these days has become all about promoting your own agenda rather than being a medium of establishing peace and harmony.


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