The Chosen One

New year’s had a whole different meaning as a kid. It wasn’t about drinks or parties but it meant Papa’s going to get a lot of new diaries. And guess who’s going to leave her stamp in all of them. Yup! This GIRL. Each day when he used to come home from office, I would circle around him and ask him to show me all the new diaries he got. I would then sit and analyse all of those diaries.

Pretty sure all those diaries had an India map and telephone codes for all the major cities. Some even went a step forward and included states and their capital. Then came the shameless promotion of the companies.This was of 2 types: 1. The company’s name and logo on cover page, 2. Pages regarding every small thing the company has done and achieved and it’s social impact. The more pages used to promote a company the less likely this girl would use the diary. And of course the line spacing was important as well. Each diary was judged in all of the above parameter before becoming The Chosen One. Not that I had anything fancy to write but it felt like a status symbol to have an awesome diary in the beginning of the year.

Sometimes, I would start writing in a diary and them a new diary used to emerge and steal my heart. And if I started eyeing the new one, Mom would immediately come in between scolding me for wasting diaries and pages. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from writing 10 pages in a diary, then end up making a mistake and then picking up a new one because the last one is ruined and I needed it to be fancy. There are so many diaries that I still have to this day. Can’t throw them away because I’ve written personal stuff in it but damn they hog up a lot of space in the bookshelf. It feels great to look back at a lot of these diaries and see the evolution of my handwriting and thought process.

Have you ever done that??? Did you also pretend being the cool kid in class with the prettiest diary?? I would love to know your story with your diary.

Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “The Chosen One

  1. All the time. I don’t remember when the last time I finish a diary. They do take up so much space. Now I go virtual. It is different though. I still like pen and paper because I like to flip through from the beginning previous entries and read them before writing a new one. I can’t really do it online now because I hate the infinite scrolling.

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  2. Wow — I’ve unfortunately lost all the diaries of my youth. I used to have the kind with the little lock and key. It was funny, though, because a while back I ran across something I wrote in 8th grade, when I was about 14 years old, and it didn’t sound too much different than something I would write today. I also went “virtual” for a while, on a site called DiaryLand, but it felt strange sharing my personal stuff with strangers after a while. I write on WordPress in a way that may seem personal, but I definitely steer away from the kind of things I would write in a personal diary. Occasionally I journal offline when I feel the need to. Interesting post.

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    1. Thanks for the reply. I totally understand, writing online is something that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. it isn’t mine either. I definitely don’t share extremely personal stuff as well.


  3. Hey lavanya…went through ur blog and found thimgs so relatable! Well yeah , I use to be that girl! Suddenly in my 6th std , I found this love for writing and choosing diaries. I really use to hate my friends for using such beautiful diaries for doing maths. Ah!
    Everytime my father use to come from office and he gets a new diary he would give it to me! The love gradually increased so much that even on my birthdays my friends staryed gifting me diaries!

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    1. Hello, fellow diary hoarder. I know the feeling. Now, I just started buying myself new diaries but I have to say, every time I pass through the diary section in any mall my eyes automatically glance through the covers and I most certainly still check them.

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