By now you all must have read hundreds of posts of the type new year, new me. You might as well have created one. It might read something like

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy
  • Being organised
  • Less social media
  • Some travel plans
  • Loving yourself more
  • Blah Blah Blah

Here’s the thing about those plans. You’ll break most of it. I know for a fact you will. Wanna know how I know this???? Because I’m a witch folk!! I wish. I wish Profesor Mcgonagall would have come to my house at eleven and said that to me but that’s not gonna happen now. Anyway, the reason why I know this is because if you waited till new year to start exercising and eating healthy, things which are important for your health then you don’t have the desire to actually do it. If it really mattered, new year means nothing, you’d have already gone through with the plan. And If you actually do desire it, why did you wait till January 1st or January 2nd because let’s be real, no on started on January 1st. It’s the day of hangover and comfort eating before you get back to the gym on 2nd. Should have started the moment you figured you need to hit a gym. What’s important is important.

I didn’t transform into a new person on January 1st. I am the same person as I was on December 31st. I’ll figure out life as it comes and not wait till next new year to start something new. If I feel like exercising from March 15th, I will. If I want to start cooking from February 10th, I will. The only thing I desire from the new year is to give me enough wisdom to do things the moment I want to do them and not delay it for any stupid reasons. I’ve personally delayed things for far too long but that’s in the past. Since the very moment I’ve written this post I’ve decided that from now on it’s now or never.

This may seen like a harsh post in the very beginning of the year but it is a necessary post. I need everyone who reads this to remember and understand that if you failed today, start tomorrow again. Don’t let go of the plans and wait for another month or year. You shouldn’t wait for another year to love yourself more. Do it now. I hope everyone has a great year ahead. And I hope that everyone achieves the goals that they’ve planned for the year. And I hope no one waits till the next day, week, month or year to carry forward with what’s needed. Do it at the very moment.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. You’re so right; if something was important, we wouldn’t wait until Jan 1–oops 2–to start it.

    And yet the beginning of anything (a year, a month, a book) all tickle with possibility. I suspect that’s tied into New Year Resolutions. My own approach is to aim for a month. Just one month. Then take it from there.

    Here’s a link to my post about just that; slightly different approach than yours, but kindred spirit.

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    1. I’ve read your post. It’s actually a nice approach as well because you set short term goals which makes sense. It’s just people have so many unrealistic goals for new year that I feel they are bound to fail.

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