Cheers to One Year of Blogging

Dear Lavanya,

You’ve made it through 2018. And what a good year it has been. It wasn’t easy. You were at a very terrible place in the beginning of this year but you pulled through. You made the decisions that were necessary for you and your mental health. There are so many things that you have achieved this year.

  1. You got over the feeling of being left out. You got over the fear of being left behind. You finally started embracing the fact that it’s OK to now fit in and love the same things others do. There’s no need to pretend. You said no to movies that you didn’t want to watch and yes to the concert that you actually wanted to go.
  2. You let go of people when it became too much. This was probably the best decision you made in your life this year. Letting go of people who might now gel well with you are was the best way to start the year. And I’m so proud that you don’t have any ill feelings for them. That you’ve still able to be friends with them. Hatred was the easy path but you pulled through.
  3. You got the job. Yaay!!! All that work finally paid off. You got a job and now you’ve a clearer path ahead of you. You know exactly what you want. And you know how to get it. Just remember to pull through and actually work on it. Don’t become lazy.
  4. You got over all your fears. Whether it be learning how to drive a car to getting your 2 Wheeler licence all that fear was just not worth it but you didn’t succumb to the fear and pulled through. You got your driving licence in the very first attempt. And that fear of never being able to drive a car, screw that. You’re a pro at it.
  5. You started your blogging journey. Can I say best decision ever made?? Expressing your life, opinions and journey with others gave you a really good insight on who you are and what your strengths and flaws are. It also gave you a doorway to look at other people’s lives and struggle and not feel alone. You got to meet so many amazing people online who agree and disagree with your views and opinions and with whom you can discuss all the philosophy of life you want. All their kind encouraging words gave you the strength to be brave and confident and express your thoughts unafraid of what others have to say.

I didn’t know you could do it but you proved me wrong. Didn’t expect you to continue with the blog but you actually did. Just have this positive outlook about life and you will do just fine the this year as well. Have a great year ahead.


4 thoughts on “Cheers to One Year of Blogging

  1. Congratulations Lucid Lavanya on reaching one year of Blogging !! I am proud of you Lavanya. Great and smile lots today is your day !! Give a shout out as long as the neighbors do not mind lol Like you who !! lol Keep creating thoughts and keep writing them out with love and care nad thoughtfulness Lavanya !!!

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