It’s mah Birthday

It’s my birthday.

Cue the dance.

Today is the day my mother birthed me into this world. Let’s appreciate the effort and applaud for her as well.


Now let’s move to the thoughtfulness.

One thing I realized whenever it’s anyone’s birthday is the build up leading to it. You count down days to your birthday, buy new clothes, think of plans, expect wishes and hope that it’s that one day you’re given the top most priority. For some reason, we want to be treated like Oprah on our birthday. We barely have her personality or her charisma but since it’s our birthday, the world is somehow obliged to make it special for us. All the Facebook and Instagram posts of your favorite YouTubers celebrating their birthday in this really fabulous way really heightens up your expectations. And when the day finally comes this excitement turns into anxiousness. With every call you get, all your family members ask is what plans do you have with friends. What surprises have they planned. And I think I’m speaking for most people when I say, nothing. It’s like the Suicide Squad movie, all this hype for the movie to only witness an absolute flop.

I’ve long given up hope on the idea that people around me will come up with a surprise to make my birthday special. It’s like adding pineapple to your pizza. That expectation will lead you nowhere but the land of misery. I instead just make my own day special. Every year I like to go out with my parents. No matter what, your family is the only one who truly care about making your birthday special. They don’t buy you gifts or make you awesome food for Instagram likes but because they want to see you smile. And what better way to spend your day than with the 2 people who brought you into this world to begin with. They should also enjoy this day a much as you.

This whole world that we have created where everyone uploads pictures of themselves having a happening birthday sometime acts as poison to our own happiness. And the problem is everyone asks. Sometimes I wonder if it’s some evil conspiracy to make my life miserable on purpose. What good will two balloons making 22 do?? Make my picture good, give me likes on Instagram but nothing more than that.  There have been so many birthday’s that I’ve felt like a loser just because my friends didn’t plan any surprise, decorate my room, buy me a cake or gifted me something special. Now that I look back, what a waste of time and emotion that was. Just like the Justice League movie.

Another important thing I stopped is wondering about gifts (well other than what my parent have to give). Mostly I end up asking for what I want from my parents but my awesome parents always add something I don’t expect and I appreciate the gesture. Gifts are risky. There are some people who are easy to gift and some who are harder too. Honestly’ that’s a whole planet in itself to explore. The budget, the value, type of gift, quality etc.It’s a mess, especially when it comes to friends buying a gift together.

Like i said, these days I just go out to a restaurant with my parents and then invite my friends if I want to. Why wait for someone to rescue you out of your misery. Just do it yourself. And the truth is I’ve started to enjoy my birthday’s more now. Because I no longer hold it on some high pedestal. It’s OK if my photos don’t gather likes. What’s important is that my heart feels good.

Thanks for reading.



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