Organising problems

Lavanya has a lot of work to do. After doing some of her work she decides to take a break and catch an episode of a new show she started watching called Mentalist. About 3 hours later, she’s still watching mentalist, hooked up to the show like it’s a drug she needs. She finally stops, studies for an hour, basically completing her tasks and goes back to watching the show. And then she wonders why her life is filled with worries. Yup. Sounds just perfect analysis of how my mental state works.

If you think what’s wrong with my situation, hear me out. You might be unconsciously doing the same thing, To say that I don’t waste time is like claiming I’m an astronaut. Don’t know why that comparison came to my head but it sure as hell stands true. It’s never intentional. Trust me, I wake up and prepare a list of things I have to do and pretty much finish all of them by the end of the day. Well at least most of them. If I wrote to finish 2 chapters in a day, you bet I’ll at least finish one and a half. Or actually atmost, I never seem to finish all of it. But still, looking at stats like these anyone would wonder why I’m crying over wasted time. I accomplished all the tasks set for the day, right??

Well I found a new loophole in my journal maintaining skills. It’s that I never push myself to the limit. You see, if I wrote to solve 60 questions, I’ll solve 60 and then find solace in completing the task and spend rest of the time watching T.V. shows or YouTube or Instagram. And this is where the problem strikes. You see the whole point of maintaining a journal is to be organised, but I think subconsciously, I always provide myself with tasks I know for sure are easy to fit in a day. Because you know, so many people say, ‘only right down tasks which you know you can complete. Don’t be over ambitious.’

Now by no means am I claiming writing a journal is bad. I highly recommend it. It really helps in managing your time, but that’s not all. One key think I realised in the process of maintaining a journal (or in my case a notebook) is that it’s about utilizing your entire time to be productive and not about completing tasks to be free. What it basically means is the way you approach maintaining a journal actually matters. You see, I set goals to ensure that I complete them and get free time, but in reality I should set goals such that I’m busy throughout but not stressed and confused. It’s about organising after all.

Mind plays amazing tricks. My sudden likeliness of the show probably subconsciously made me want to devote time to it and I didn’t even realize it till now. I think the key lies in avoiding any new shows, especially suspense and thrillers one, till the said job is done. Well aside from one or two highly anticipated shows everyone has on the list. Because let’s face it, not watching them will keep bothering us no matter what. So here’s a goodbye to all the shows on my list. Wait in the pile for me. I’ll come back once I have enough time to actually be able to accommodate you in my life. Also to everyone out there, do you think I’m crazy or you guys face this problem too??? Do let me know😊.

Thanks for reading

One thought on “Organising problems

  1. Hmmm… 🤔🤔
    Well I must say that you write some outstanding stuff everytime you post.
    So the Standing ovation – 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    In my case, I don’t deal with the time table or organize the to do list for every single day. I used to do it when I was in school. But I wouldn’t well in it. 😛
    Now I just keep everything inside my brain, plan a little bit, make some predictions, rememorize the tasks time to time and that’s it……👍👍
    All work is done… 👍👏👏👏
    However, It doesn’t happen every single day as we know nothing is predictable….😉
    So that’s my style of organizing things……..

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