Why I can’t seem to wake up early??

If you repeat something over and over to yourself, your subconscious mind will eventually begin to accept it.

Yeah right!!! If I truly tell myself that I can wake up in the morning everyday, my subconscious will, I suppose, accept it and I’ll be able to wake up. Right??? Well then why is it that even if I go to sleep everyday with full intention of getting up, do I still snooze that alarm. And get a scolding for never holding up on my word. Till about a week ago, this quote used to bug me like anything. I was 100% sure there’s either something wrong with me or this quote. And like any human being, blaming myself was not an option, so the quote took the bullet. So you bet when I saw a book called ‘The Power of Subconscious mind’ in Crossword’s shelf, my intrigue kicked in and asked me to buy the book. And so I did. And boy was I hit with an epiphany.

You see a very important part that the book pointed out was how much I really believed I can wake up early. I wanted to wake up to the beautiful dawn, the cool breeze, the music of birds, basically all things poetic, but I never believed I could. There was always a part of me that doubted my own intention. A part of my own conscience glaring at me with doubt. And to fair, my track record wasn’t beaming with A+ grades when it comes to being an early bird, the only bird I could be compared to was that of a 🦉.

The book mentioned this very captivating concept in an impeccable way. It’s something like this

Our conscious mind is the captain of the ship called our life and our subconscious mind, the workers. They don’t ask questions, they just follow the orders. It’s therefore in the hands of our captain, where we go. And henceforth, the captain should be very careful and specific with his orders, or else confusion is bound to occur and the ship might get lost.

It’s true. Most of us have a very self deprecating attitude towards our-self. Even in moments when we want to do something and garner all courage for it, we still keep a plan B. And we don’t just make a plan B, forget it and focus on task ahead, we simultaneously prepare for both, therefore signaling our subconscious that we can’t achieve our target hence the double work. Basically, our conscious mind is too confused or rather better, not completely focused. And that reflects upon our subconscious as well.

And with this new found wisdom, I venture into fighting my new enemy. My lack of belief in myself. It’s nothing new and yet it is. I’ve talked about my confidence problems before. And while it has improved a lot in these last 6 months, it’s time to conquer a new territory. (Sorry for all war references, I’m currently watching a series on The Vietnam War on Netflix). It’s time to use all the meditation skills I’ve gathered over these 6 months to good use.

I know it’s just not my struggle. It’s pretty much everyone’s, therefore I hope that with this post that certain someone realizes, he/she isn’t the only one. That this indecisiveness is a curse many deal with. And I hope that one day soon enough, I’ll be able to write a post on how I have conquered upon this problem of mine. 

Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Why I can’t seem to wake up early??

  1. Not a morning person myself, and I keep snoozing the alarm until I finally realise that I do have to wake up before I get late. And another coincidence is that I have bought this book very recently, now we’ll see what this book does to me!

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    1. 😂😂hope it motivates you as well. A tip for this book will be reading the first 2-3 chapters and then going to the chapter that discusses your problem because trust me, it can feel like a tape on repeat after sometime.

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      1. Yes, it’s exactly like the Secret. Hence, I decided that after one point it’s all about saying the same thing with different examples so better get to the point.

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  2. This is like me only….i am a night person! But as you quoted from the book, it really depends on how much we believe in ourselves! It’s really true and i had experienced it…when i am confident of achieving something i do get it…but if im in a little doubt, i dont get….similarly if i have to get in the routine to wake up early and go for exercise…i am able to do so…infact i did it regularly for 2 months…and then i had to take a break and after that i again tried to get back to the old routine but couldn’t until one day i got really frustrated and determined…and next day onwards i was on track!! So it’s actually how we relay signal to our brain that actually drives us…kind of a deadlock situation too where we are giving responsibility to brain to make us do something! 😄

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