A Summer memory

So it’s summer time and I’ve visited my maternal grandmother’s house for vacations. This used to be a constant ritual in summers during childhood and one that I longed for since the moment I used to come back home. After all it meant meeting my cousins. And for someone who’s a single child, my cousins are like my own brothers and sisters. I love them to death and wish we could stay together longer.

One of the things we used to do at the house is play a game called Jurassic park. It’s a board game in which we need to escape the land of dinosaurs and fly away in a helicopter. Like any other board game it’s a really long, and I mean really really long game designed to keep us in check for the day. A quite mindful game given to us by our mama (uncle) I might add. We used to sit for hours playing the game, fighting over lives, planning and plotting, giving our everything to the game. It was as if our actual lives depended on us escaping and killing😝. And my cousins being the usual wonderful beings that they are always ensured that I loose. After all their favourite pastime is to make me cry. 😜

Now why the sudden burst of emotions you ask?? Well guess which game I found packed in my Grandma’s house?? Jurassic park

Those were good times, times when days were spent playing board games, running around the house being make belief kings and queens of a make belief kingdom, eating ice golas (crushed ice on which flavored syrup is poured) and just making a mess of the house. Now all of us are in different parts of the world, busy with studies and jobs, surviving with FaceTime and reminiscing these old memories. But I am glad we have these memories. Memories that hold us together strong even when we all are miles apart. 😄


6 thoughts on “A Summer memory

  1. I used to wait for my school vacations so I could visit grandma. Such a beautiful soul. Nothing can replace the time spent with grandma. I miss her so much. Some memories always stay fresh as if it was just yesterday. Thanks for taking me back to my childhood memories. Happy blogging. Looking forward to your posts.

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  2. I miss both of Grandmothers. They had different styles in dealing with us. Except they were such stunning cooks and cookie and pastry makers. They had this skill which I swear was under wrap until we showed up. There were lots of us. Yes, I miss them a lot now that I am 2o years away from their age. smiles are crossing my face now.

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