Confessions of an Average shopper

Shopping: the word that makes the guys wish they would rather have their names written on Deathnote and the word that makes the girls swoon more than Ryan Gosling. At least that’s what the society makes me believe. My opinion, it’s an action that leaves you in life crisis. Never has there been a person who just goes to the mall, picks up a dress and never ponders about whether it’s right or not. I bet even the richest person alive will have some insecurities with the dress He/she is wearing.

Now with the endless misery that is my exams over, the first thing I did was clean up my room. What! You thought I’ll say shopping? If there’s one thing my Mom will make sure of, that is ensuring my room is scrubbed clean to a point where she should be able to locate even a dust particle on the floor. But while cleaning the Tornado struck room of mine or rather my laziness struck room, I thought crossed my mind that is far to common in this circumstance; I don’t have enough clothes. So there, I went to shopping with my parents.

Now with the scene set let’s talk about the real deal, Shopping. As a layman, I am no expert in shopping. But I do want to look good. So the obvious desperate measure I use is YouTube. The endless cycles of understanding my undertone to differentiating between warm and cool colours to type of clothing to purchase, I’ve seen it all. And here’s the deal with these tips. Sure buying solid colour clothing is always good but no one ever mentions that finding these specific clothes is equivalent to finding Horcruxes. Heck at least Harry, Ron and Hermione found them in an year, my quest for a plain good black T-shirt is still continuing.

Another important point every one talks about, Material. Always buy breathable fabric. Let’s cue the Joker laugh here people. With fast fashion catching up in India, almost all clothes in malls are made of synthetic material, something that most certainly isn’t breathable. And for a middle class person UCB isn’t feasible. It’s crazy to think brands in India sell polyester clothes considering the oven that India is for most part of the year.Β  I am one step away from being burned like Randyll and Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones.Β And let’s not forget the fashion the changes every 3 months. How do you expect this novice to pair her clothes when she doesn’t have any sense of colour whatsoever.

And let us suppose my some miracle I found a piece of clothing that satisfies all the above standards, it has to face the ultimate test, the test of culture appropriation. As a girl here’s some point the dress is scored on: sleeveless or not ,length is long or short, neck shouldn’t be deep cause perverts all around folks, print should be decent yadayadayada. Pretty sure guys have their own problems to deal with.

My point being for an average person not so well versed with fashion, it’s extremely hard to find a sustainable pair of clothing. I don’t need a shoulder cut top with flares and pompoms hanging from it which will be out of fashion as fast as it was in. I don’t have the brains to match my clothes to look awesome. I just pick up whatever is in front of me and put it on. All I ask for is a simple cotton top which I can wear till the end of my mother’s patience to watch me in it. It’s not a sin to ask this. Not Donatella Versace here.

I hope someday fashion brands make it easier for us average folks to buy clothes. At least create a separate segment like ‘ Hey losers! We know you can’t dress yourself up so wear this to look decent enough’. Until then, let’s endure the pain that is buying clothes every once a while. Happy shopping guys πŸ˜› .

3 thoughts on “Confessions of an Average shopper

  1. Haha…funny! I struggle to select the right one for myself as i am very particular about the fabric and which i can never find to my liking even if purchased from big showrooms and brands! I need that comfortable breathable fabric but it’s never to be got! πŸ˜‘
    Congrats for exams being over now!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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