Putting people under same blanket.

We are all different. A simple statement that speaks volumes. I love Pani Puri and I know people who don’t. There are some who hate Chinese. A concept alien to me but I’ll give it to them. To each it’s own. We are not born same, we don’t look same, we don’t dress same and we don’t believe same things. Simple concept right??? Nope. Apparently this concept gets applicable only when it suits our beliefs. Well apparently people are different from one another when we want to distance ourselves from tide pod eating children but all Muslim’s are terrorists because Muslims. Duh.

So in the light of recent conversations and also previous such interactions I realised that I just happen to know a lot of elderly people who love the idea of Muslim hate. Cut elderly, basically a whole lot of people. A common statement I hear from them is ‘Muslim’s are ‘kattar‘ ‘ a phrase which in India means someone who’s a bigot or put simply intolerant. Not only are they intolerant, they also commit proselytism( religion conversion). They basically want to increase their religions population and take over. Sure because that’s all they are, Thanos’s trying to take over the world to build it as their own. What is this?? An Avengers movie. While there are some who indeed commit all of the above stated activities, most Muslim’s don’t spent their time scheming about proselytism or terror attacks or going full Joker on the world. They’ve got better things to do like studying, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and you know convincing the world that them watching an action movie won’t make them terrorists.

How often I’ve heard people tell me that I support terrorists just because I refuse to put every person under one blanket. If an entirety of 1.3 billion people where planning on killing you and taking over the world them the world would have looked a lot different than what it is now. This is dramatization at it’s height. Aren’t rapists Hindu’s and Muslim’s both??? Sure their religion is more strict in comparison to yours but that doesn’t mean they’re grooming terrorists. It just so happens that the religion has now sadly become a symbol used by terrorists to recruit juvenile and uneducated people into their sadistic cause.

But shouldn’t we educated folks know better. We are the pinnacle of all living beings on earth, the best of the best and the most intelligent. Yet we bracket all Muslims in a set of terroristism rather than understand that all Muslims are part of sample space but not everyone is part of terrorist set. Sorry to anyone who doesn’t understand probability in advance. I mean you can’t possibly put Malala and A.P.J Abdul Kalam under same bracket as terrorists.

Grow up people. Look above someone’s religion. Look at the person and judge. Don’t associate one bad memory with the entire religion, judge people for who they are not what their religious beliefs are.

4 thoughts on “Putting people under same blanket.

  1. These days when everything is being typecasted and hatred being spread for personal gains (or political)…such a post is like a lease of new life to the crumbling social fabric! We need open-minded individuals like you more than ever today!!
    Anything happens and we are quick to blame the whole population for this as if we ourselves are very clean…it’s the stupid human nature to divide, form groups and fight…and some people take advantage of it knowing very well how religion has been the trump card since ages for gaining loyalty and supporters! It’s so easy to instigate people these days and so easy to make them see the world differently via the glasses of deception. The image of muslims which has been created these days is not at all like this actually is…nobody wants to kill anyone, convert anyone or go out and riot…everyone wants peace and safety for family and business to prosper … to enjoy and have peace…that’s it! Some people tweak the religious text and religion and mislead ignorant youths for their own personal benefits and then whole community gets blamed and targeted…and then more hatred follows against them which in turn lures more youth towards this path and it becomes a cycle! A cycle which ultimately destroys the love and peace between different communities! Like it happened in 1984 when all the sikhs were considered terrorists and families butchered in daylight…whatever happening today is really unfortunate…ground reality is very different… i have seen normal muslims and their interactions with others in which they have always appeared very helpful, polite, kind… and normal hindus who care for them, stand together in times of need and share a bond….and together they are best friends…neighbours since decades..celebrating each other’s festivals together etc….but then suddenly this wave of hatred comes typecasting and dividing them! I have seen some of the most patriotic and hardworking people amongst muslims….i have seen some of the most kind hearted and loving hindus…i have seen some really lovely and polite sikhs and i have seen some really humble and sweet christians…all of them exhibiting a desire to live in peace and a normal life! It’s the few people who think they are the guardians of their religion and take it upon themselves to safeguard it …but infact they are the actual problem! Normal citizens dont want violence. Yes these days terrorists are from one religion but that is just a fraction of the population and they are misled by others…majority of the population or infact maximum population doesnt support them and wants to live a normal life only! So this typecasting needs to be stopped!


  2. The world is horrible. And so are people. We are so much obsessed with the socially defined constructs, that the personally approach towards people. Yes we should judge based on individualism, and not social constructs like religion.


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