A day at nursery

Nature. The undefeated prize holder of beauty. I have never meet a person who has ever looked at the beautiful meadows and went Eww. The lush green trees, the lively blue waters, the smell of wet soil. Ah. I wish I could say that’s an everyday view for me. But instead life decided to gift me the scenic view of concrete jungle, the captivating smell of garbage and the ever playful stagnant river.

Recently, our family decided to visit a nursery for buying some plants. My mom is an avid lover of gardening who unfortunately happens to be stuck in this apartment life till death. Nothing new. That’s basically most of us in a nutshell. But determent to make the most of it, she decided she’ll plant even more plants and hence our trip. And boy was that a beautiful trip.

My city prone eyes were instantly in love with the soothing green in front of me. All my tensions regarding my exams the day after were evaporated and I was left with the calming feeling of green. The happiness it brought was amazing. The arrangement of all these plants was just right. I have to give props to these people when it comes to arrangement and also the care they give. Managing 100’s of plant each day is no small feet.

However, me being me was jumping all around with my camera in hand clicking pictures and exploring the nursery as much as possible. Pretty sure I looked like some form of retard to the nursery folk. But what can I say, lush green trees and gardens have become such a rare sight these days. Due to excessive pollution all we can really see is layers of dust on tree leaves. It’s really sad if you think of it. Once there was a time, when people used to live in between these trees, it was part of our everyday life. We all used to be like Tarzan. But now thanks to our city life, we have all become Jane or Professor Archimedes Potter depending on whom you identify more with. Boy was he some weird shipper of Jane and Tarzan considering Jane was his daughter.

Coming back to the point, we went to a lot of nurseries. Impressing my mom is no small feet. It’s one information I’m too well aware of. Each plant has to be perfect. It should have the right about of buds, it should grow from all directions, the length should be perfect. Heck if I had gone alone I would have probably just picked up one and be done with it. But I guess that’s not how you do it.

Needless to say, we brought a lot of plants in a lot of time and they all looked beautiful. These plants added to the beauty of our house. Our balcony has instantly become our favourite spot. And that’s one weird line to write. Plus watching the flowers grow has become one activity we all find immense joy in. Every morning we all wake up and the first thing we do is look at the flowers in balcony. And boy do we stare a lot.

I suggest everyone to at least spend some money in plantation every month. Buy the seasonal plants and plant them in your garden, even if it’s just one or two. It is good for health, it soothes your eyes and somehow gives a great sense of happiness when flowers grow on it.

Here are some pictures I took from there



10 thoughts on “A day at nursery

  1. So true!!! The concrete jungles have robbed us of our own gardens! Having spent my childhood surrounded by huge gardens and having our own nursery i now feel the same frustration living in a flat! But thanks for the pictures! I remember we used to have all these plants in our garden once..! 😞

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  2. Plants are beautiful and sure spice up any apartment with brightness and natural greenery. they add so much delight and provide relaxation to our souls. Great pictures as well Lavanya.


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