Padmavaat : A tale that made our system fail

There are two things in India that we as a nation agree upon or rather bond over; movies and cricket. Our love for watching an old hero become all chichora over a much younger woman, then try every possible way written in a ‘ How to be a molester’ book to court her and a cricket match against the ‘Deshbhakti jagane wali team‘( team that sparks patriotism within us) are what unite us under one umbrella. But looks like from now on, Pakistan will be the only one uniting us. That’s some play on time.

The whole idea of art has always been to express yourself. A person who plans on telling a story through art that appeases everyone, is still probably struck thinking of a plot. Simply put, it’s impossible. That is why art is about expressing one’s self. I mean if you can’t please everyone, the least you can do is make something that pleases someone.

Culture plays a very big role in designing any story. There’s a reason why Dangal was a success in India and Black Panther is cheered in West for being a Superhero movie with a Black lead. History just so happens to be the best way to jump to any era and explore it’s culture. But history is no fiction, it’s a story, one that’s not thought upon and therefore has a lot of weight to it. Sentiments associated with it. And when this history meets the imaginative mind of an artist, disagreements are bound to happen.

But disagreeing without even trying to listen is that awesomeness that some groups in India take pride in. They’ve become critics without even watching the movie. It sure is some superpower to be able to watch a movie before it’s released. The superhuman power of non-sense.

Peaceful protest is acceptable and even understandable. No one can say that it’s wrong of someone to disagree. However, vandalism is not a way to express it. Asking for someone’s head is not the way you put your point. And when the highest court of the country passes an order, condemning it’s decision is not a way to protect any honour.
But what can be said to these honour protecting ,vehicle burning, energized people when, the government itself is provided them with energy drinks. Sure they’re not running the race but cheering also means showing support. The form of support enough to allow these people to have their way.

All that could be done now is be patient and wait. So here’s me waiting for the chaos to end and for the multiplex in Gujarat to actually screen the movie.

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